Peters Resource Management LP

Peters Resource Management LP provides archaeology, environmental consulting, management, and monitoring services to Indigenous, industry, and government clients. As a Peters First Nation owned company, it is the preferred service provided for all organizations operating and doing business in the Nation’s territory. We put clients first and look forward to delivering quality service to your organization.

Our Services


We provide professional archaeological consulting services for Indigenous, industry, and government clients. Our team works hard to uphold the Heritage Conservation Act of British Columbia and has the experience to support clients in navigating all types of archaeology projects.

Environmental Consulting & Management Services

Our environmental consulting and project management teams deliver a range of professional services to clients. We have experience working on a diverse range of pipeline, hydro, forestry, highway, bridge, mining, and civil construction projects.


Peters Resource Management LP provides cultural monitors on behalf of Peters First Nation for projects in the Nation’s territory. Additionally, we have Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) resources available for both long and short-term environmental monitoring during active construction, reclamation, and remediation projects.

What Sets Us Apart


As a Peters First Nation business, our work provides revenue, training, employment, and social investment for the community.


We provide quality services that are delivered on time and budget. We will work hard to earn your trust and work even harder to keep it.


We show up and deliver results - day in and day out - for all our clients.

Make a Difference.